I did not understand how Viagra is going to help me, can you tell when is going to happen in my body when I will take Viagra?
Actually, as soon as you will take Viagra your brain will direct your blood through blood vessels to your penis and it is going to stay there for quite some time. As a result, the erection will be remarkable and you will not have to worry about sudden failure of erection and not being able to please your partner. As you have read earlier erection problems can be caused by either or mental or physical issue. Your doctor will be able to tell you precisely why your erection is not happening and therefore he will tell you what kind of amount of Viagra is going to help you with getting proper erection totally enough for a proper intercourse.

I want to be sure that erection will be firm can I take 2 pills of Viagra at one moment?
Actually only your doctor can precisely tell you what amount of Viagra is going to work for you, but usually, it is not acceptable for people to mix a couple of tablets of Viagra and take Viagra along with other pills. Try to take one 50 mg pill when you are hungry and you will see that erection is totally firm and you can perform so well in bed.
Think about your heart conditions before you will decide to take any amount of Viagra. You actually can not take Viagra in case you have serious health problems, for instance when you have vision disorder or your heart is aching time after time then try to stay away from taking Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other similar drugs unless you got a total check up and it turned out that your health is up to code.
Please never experiment on your own and decide what is good or bad for you. Your doctor is capable of telling you for sure what kind of medicine you can or can not take.

My wife said that Viagra can cause vision problems is she being colorful or it is actually can be one of the side-effects after I will take Viagra for treating ED?
When you have decided to take Viagra you have to accept the fact that its effect is totally individual and no one can tell you for sure whether or not you are going to have any kind of health problems after you have taken it. But there are certain health issues that will forbid you from taking Viagra. You may experience vision disorder only when you are combining Viagra with other meds, alcohol, nicotine or when you have heart conditions and decide to take Viagra apart from all the precautions.
Try to think about the drug as a sexual booster that is only suitable for those who do not experience any health problems at all. Your health should be at the very first place in your life. Never put your sex life above your total health, always keep in mind that ED can be treatable only under a very strict eye of your doctor.

I want to take the half of the pill Viagra, can I do that?
It is better not to split Viagra pill in order not to get any kind of side-effects. You can not take a half of either 50 mg or 100 mg pill because the ingredients in these medications are put unequally. This way you will take either more or less amount regarding the average one. Please talk to a pharmacist or your doctor before you will take any amount of Viagra. By the way, you can write us and desire how great or damaged your health is. In case you have certain kind of common symptoms, we will manage to aid you with figuring out your diagnose. But all in all, only a doctor is totally competitive for giving you an exact diagnose.