I knew that Viagra was going to help!
One day I have noticed that my erection is not happening and have so many various related problems with my health. My doctor said that my heart was not working that great and therefore I have decided to get the total check-up right away. As you can guess my doctor ordered me to get a treatment and prescribed various drugs. Some of them I did not want to take due to the various presumably side-effects but for treating my erectile dysfunction I have bought Viagra. It brought me a great erection and it was working great for about 30 minutes or so.

ED turned out to be a result of my anxiety and constant stress!
I was not prepared for getting ED especially when I was only 39. But erection was not happening to me and I have decided to go to the shrink. He informed me that I need to get a total rest and it is not good for me to get stressed time after time because of my work and very tight schedule and deadlines. Well, the smartest decision for me seemed to get Viagra; I have heard that it helped a couple of my friends and they seemed very happy with getting an erection after Viagra. I was trying to get it on the totally empty stomach and not mixing it with wine while having supper or dinner with my lovely wife.

Doctor told me that Viagra is a great solution to ED!
Actually, I have heard about this particular drug and I knew that old men are taking these pills in order to cure their erectile problems and be able to perform well in bed. As it turned out my erection was not as firm as ever and therefore I needed some sort of a booster in the bedroom. My wife actually attracted me but still I was not having any kind of arousal at all. Well, as soon as I have consulted a doctor and he said that Viagra will help I decided to trust him on that matter. I have taken Viagra with a very heavy meal and I did not know why my erection was not happening. Then I have read that Viagra works better when you are taking it totally hungry therefore I have done it. Then I was able to have sex with my wife and therefore he was very happy and satisfied 100%. All thanks to my doctor and the Viagra! Thank you so much for this remarkable drug!

I am a totally happy man thanks to Viagra!
I was actually so stressed because I went through a very painful process of divorce. I was crushed and sad due to the reason that I have failed in my marriage and therefore I was not able to have any kind of new relationship at all. As time went by and I started to date my girl was not happy with my performance in bed. I decided that the very smart decision will be to talk to a physician and tell him what I have been going through. She said that Viagra is going to help. I have intake this pill and my erection occurred this instant. I do not think that my erection is going to disappear soon anymore all due to remarkable pill Viagra!

My Stacy said that she will go to the other man in order for hi to satisfy hr better than I do!
Well, how knew that one day I will not be able to get an erection and please my lovely Stacy. She was okay with it at first and after quite sometimes she looked very disappointed and anger issues happened with her. I did not know what to do therefore we went to couples counseling. Our physiatrist told us that a lot of men over 50 experiences ED and it is not an uncommon issue. I have decided to Google this problem and after that, I have read a great article about Viagra. Turned out that erection will happen when I will take it and it truly worked for me.