The effect of smoking hookah on male potency – the whole truth!

The effect of smoking hookah on male potency - the whole truth!The cozy club hall, soft voices, fragrant smoke – all this creates an atmosphere of peace and attracts smokers. Many people naively believe that the influence of hookah on potency and on health in general is much lower than nicotine and alcohol. There are more visitors to hookah bars, and this kind of pastime is gaining popularity.

Mechanism of action on health

When smoking a hookah, which many consider even useful, the smoke enters the lungs not directly. It passes through a flask filled with liquid, and becomes wet and heavy. As a result, a large amount of harmful precipitation settles on the walls of the lungs, including not just resins, but also heavy metals.

The liquid does not have time to cool the combustion product, which increases the risk of burns of the respiratory tract. Tobacco does not dissolve and enters the body, causing harm to it.

Many people turn to the hookah to achieve euphoria. It is proved that the cause of this condition is the toxins contained in the vapor. Getting into the blood, they stimulate a strong release of adrenaline, provoking an easy attack of tachycardia, and the perception of the surrounding world is changing.

How does the hookah affect potency?

All the recommendations on the prevention of impotence contain a paragraph that refers to the need to abandon bad habits, because they provoke a decrease in sexual function, reduce libido and may easily lead to a complete loss of male power. Smoking hookah is not an exception. The systematic inhalation of fragrant smoke leads to a serious weakening of sexual viability.

Studies have shown that hookah influences potency in the following way:

1. Hookah based on wine or cognac leads to intoxication of the body, which adversely affects all systems;

The effect of smoking hookah on male potency - the whole truth!2. Regular smoking of tobacco leads to weakening of penis muscles, making the erection sluggish and incomplete;

3. Vessels are clogged, the work of the vascular system is disrupted – these are the most common causes of impotence, especially in adulthood;

4. Young people can feel a strong emotional desire, but because the cavernous bodies are not filled with blood, an erection does not occur;

5. Full erectile dysfunction develops.

The opinion that the hookah is useful for potency is based on the fact that men who use hookah with herbs, feel the first days of increased sexual desire and believe that this effect will always be preserved. However, this is only the primary stimulating effect of the hookah on the erection, which occurs according to the following scheme:

1. Smoke with herbs after ingestion into the lungs affects the nerve centers, reducing feelings of anxiety and tension, a state of calm and euphoria comes;

2. Simultaneously, there is a stimulation of the muscles of the penis, due to which there is a physiological stimulation;

3. Sensations during intimacy can become brighter and “richer” emotionally.

Such an action inspires men, and they begin to resort to hookah smoking as a stimulant. However, soon the effect is reduced, and with the passage of time becomes the opposite – there is sluggishness, libido decreases, the desire and interest to sex are lost. If the situation is started, then in the future it will be necessary to apply to a sex therapist for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Possible consequences

In youth, itThe effect of smoking hookah on male potency - the whole truth! seems that the health problems are for those who stepped over the forty-year threshold, so the young guys constantly put various experiments on themselves, believing that diseases and impotence will occur much later, not thinking about the future.

However, hookah is dangerous for guys at any age. Regular smoking leads to poor potency already in adolescence, besides the strength for a long sexual act does not remain. The maximum duration is 10-15 minutes. Similar signs may be found even before 30 years.

When smoking a hookah about once a month, problems with potency will occur later, but, most likely, in combination with infertility. Also, such a passion can lead to constant headaches and nausea due to the death of some brain cells.